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Our Story.

Granite Guides was founded by local Nova Scotia climbing friends Anne Lawther, Luke Hyslop, and Brendan Konowal.  

With breath-taking coastal views and beautiful lakeside boulders, its no wonder why rock climbing in Nova Scotia has become the passionate pursuit of many adventurous souls. Nova Scotia is home to some of the world's most unique granite formations and glacial erratic boulders in the world.  Early on, these scenic rock playgrounds were enjoyed by a select few individuals who felt the calling to adventure into Nova Scotia's vertical unknown. These early climbers, pioneered, and formed the province's original climbing community.  For a significant time, this small but mighty climbing community laid the foundation for what is now an Atlantic climbing scene that is here to stay.  In recent years, Nova Scotia has seen a dramatic increase in the number of climbers pursuing their sport outside on the beautiful rock formations around the province.  Thanks in-part to the opening of new indoor climbing gyms along with the longtime dedication of local crag developers, Nova Scotia's outdoor rock scene is larger than ever.  

 Historically, outdoor climbing education in the province was somewhat ephemeral, lasting only while interest, knowledge, and means for implementation were on hand.  Local non-profit organization Climb Nova Scotia was the province's only consistent, structured source for outdoor climbing education.  As interest in this unique sport grew, local climbers Anne, Luke and Brendan, saw an opportunity to give back to the community by creating an entity dedicated solely to climbing education and guided experiences. They decided; it was time. 

Granite Guides offers in-depth course curriculums, along with top-notch guided experiences of some of the province's most picturesque and fun climbing areas. For anyone wishing to pursue the magic of rock and stone, there is an adventure out there for you.

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Granite Guides Founders

Brendan Konowal

Brendan Konowal (he/him) has pursued outdoor climbing for over 20 years and has been teaching it for almost as long.  Educating climbers, and creating new ones, has been one of his longtime pursuits. From the Black Hills of South Dakota, to the Gunks of New York and the faces of Looking Glass, North Carolina, he has found himself teaching in a variety of vertical environments.  He enjoys any opportunity to get high above the ground, whether it be in the desert of Red Rocks, the faces of North Conway, or the walls of Yosemite Valley. 

Brendan brings with him years of experience as an outdoor educator and is passionate about bridging a connection between people and the land they climb, adventure, and live on. He currently holds an SPI certification from the AMGA along with a Canadian Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Responder certification.

Lucas Hyslop

Lucas Hyslop (he/him) started his climbing journey in 2016. Since then he has taken his passion for climbing and teaching others, and combined it with his passion for diversity and inclusion. With the goal of making climbing spaces more welcoming for those who do not fit the stereotypical idea of what a climber is or looks like, Lucas works hard to bring the joys of climbing to everyone.

Lucas oversees the business operations side of Granite Guides in addition to being an assistant instructor on courses. He is currently pursuing his AMGA SPI certification.

Anne Lawther

Anne Lawther (she/her) has been climbing for over seven years, she is a certified Single Pitch Instructor and Apprentice Rock Guide through the AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association). She is passionate about all forms of rock climbing, traveling all over the world to climb in places such as France, Spain, Greece, Cuba, Canada and many places in the USA including climbing the big walls in Yosemite and the mountains in the Bugaboos. Anne’s other passion is introducing adults and children to the sport of climbing. Anne has a commitment to the safety and overall experience of the people she is guiding helping them achieve their goals big and small.

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