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Intro to Outdoor Leading

Enter the world of the Sharp End, where a new "ground up" approach to climbing will allow you to unlock doors and adventures not possible with a standard Top-Rope system. 

Price:   $275+hst

Duration: 2 Days

Misty Forest

Who should take this course?

This course is for those looking to gain the skills and experience necessary to transition safely from the practice of outdoor Top-Rope climbing to the exciting and committing world of outdoor Sport/Lead climbing.  For graduates of our Intro 101 course or equivalent experience, this course can be thought of as the next step.

What will you learn?

Throughout the course, students will work to develop confidence in both the technical aspects of lead climbing and the finer aspects of risk management, route selection, communication, and more. Using the practice of Sport climbing as a focal point, course concepts are designed to be fundamental, and a useful progression for all types of lead climbing.

Both days are packed with essential information and will include a variety of hands-on exercises, group discussions, and real practice in the vertical environment. Under experienced supervision, participants will first work to develop their leading skills in a simulated or “mock” environment,  then depending on student/instructor comfort level, they will have the opportunity to try real leading. 

Course topics include but are not limited to: 

  • General equipment/gear review

  • Lead specific equipment/gear 

  • General risk awareness/management

  • Lead specific risk management

  • Anchor construction (Natural & Fixed)

  • Lead belaying

  • Proper clipping techniques

  • Refined techniques/gear management

  • Anchor cleaning

  • Rappelling

  • Climbing on the Sharp End

  • Route selection


Participants must have completed a GG Intro to Climbing course or possess equivalent experience/knowledge. They should be comfortable climbing 5.8 on a Top-Rope, belaying on a Top-Rope system, and building an anchor from fixed or natural gear.

Time / Location

This course runs from 8am to 4pm both days, at our Chebucto Head location. (In order to provide the best instruction possible, we may on occasion choose a different start time and location depending on weather or other concerns).

Intro to Lead Dates

Upcoming Course Dates - 2024

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