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Take your adventure to the next level.

Our extensive course curriculum is designed to provide climbers at any level with the professional instruction needed to progress. Click on the images below to learn more about our courses and upcoming course dates.

Course Dates

2023 Course Descriptions:

Click on the courses below to view and learn more.

Intro To Outdoor Climbing

101 - Intro to Outdoor Climbing

Basic Self Rescue

202 - Basic Self Rescue

A crowded anchor on the Nose, El Cap

 Focus Course: Anchor Building Refresher

Intro To Outdoor Leading

201 - Intro to Outdoor Leading

Advanced Self Rescue

401 - Advanced Self Rescue

Anne Giles rappells off the Nose, El Cap_

Focus Course: Rappelling

103 - Intro To Trad

301 - Intro to Trad Climbing

Multi-Pitch Skills Development

Focus Course: Multi-Pitch Skills Development

Man climbing during summer_edited.jpg

Focus Course: Tips and Tricks

2023 Course Dates:

Click on the courses below to view upcoming dates.

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